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MOSAIC CITY CROATIA, Istria, Poreč (Parentium)

is the first stop on our journey through the cities around the world that cherish mosaic art.
The city of Poreč is quite unique in its rich cultural heritage and distinctive artistic tradition. The most prominent symbol of the city's cultural and archaeological legacy is the valuable and well-preserved mosaic structure of the Euphrasian Basilica Episcopal complex, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In 2012, fourteen centuries after the last mosaic structure was laid at this site, our project MOSAIC CITY initiated an urban renewal of mosaic art, taking the rich cultural heritage as a basis for further construction. MOSAIC CITY affirmed itself as a cultural and tourism project, by way of using culture as both a driving force and a part of the development strategies of the city. The project has played an important role in the development of the city, region and country.
In 2012 we organised an international Symposium on the topic of cultural tourism, showcasing artistic, professional and scientific research in the field of mosaic art, accompanied by miscellaneous activities. By gathering relevant international and local artists and experts in this field, we intended to provide the prerequisites and technical capabilities for creating new and valuable works of art, which would make the city of Poreč well-known and featured on international tourist and art maps as a true "mosaic city", recognisable for its valuable collection of both ancient and modern mosaic works of art. The results of the artistic, professional and scientific work during the Symposium will forever remain the city's legacy for future generations.

MOSAIC CITIES are cities that are located on the ancient Roman Empire transportation roads, as well as other cities which have valuable mosaic structures as part of their legacy. Who remembers Lugdunum, Medilanum, Corduba, Tarraco, Carthago, Sirmium or Antioch?
MOSAIC CITIES project represents a romantic journey, affirming cities of valuable archaeological mosaic heritage, unveiling to the world what is left, what remains preserved, what has survived over long periods of time and different eras. It will show what contemporary life in these cities is like today, how local artists have influenced the creation of cultural consciousness, what impact mosaic cultural heritage and legacy has had on them and how they refer to past works of art in their present work.
We also aim to renew the almost forgotten techniques of mosaic art, pass on skills and knowledge of its development, restoration and conservation, etc.
WORLD MOSAIC, a network of mosaic cities, aims to attract all art lovers, from classicists to modernists. Using the latest artistic, archaeological and scientific research and analysis, we will try to create an extraordinary story about art and the evolution of civilization in one place. Apart from Roman emperors and glorious conquests, topics will also cover all that made up the lives of ordinary citizens throughout different epochs, what the role of art in the life of ordinary people was and what it represents today, how big the world was when the "die was cast" and how the global mosaic world looks today.


Association for Care and Promotion of Sustainable Use of Cultural Heritage - Poreč Trg pod hrastom 3, Červar Porat, Poreč 52440, Istria, Croatia
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Developing prerequisites for sustainable development to preserve the cultural and artistic heritage, and to encourage the development of cultural industries and enterprises